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Annuity Owners Lead Booklet
Use our booklet at no extra cost or your own literature

These people responded to the ad for the booklet "Annuity Owner Mistakes " (Click to see a sample annuity prospect ad.) These are people who have an interest in annuities OR they already own an annuity and are likely to buy another. They are already motivated annuity prospects as they requested the booklet.

All you do is send the booklet, and then follow up with the annuity lead by phone per the instructions and script that we provide you.

Because these annuity prospects will have already received your annuity booklet before you call, you will find the call a warm call with the annuity booklet already having established you as a local annuity expert. You will be treated as a professional and not as a salesperson when you follow our instructions that we provide when you register for the annuity leads service.

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